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Downtown Business Spotlight December 26, 2007

San Carlos Downtown Business Spotlight: J&M Hobby House

by Chuck Gillooley

I’m writing this review with a tad bit of embarrassment….having lived in Redwood City and San Carlos for the last 43 years, and growing up as an avid hobbyist, I am amazed that I didn’t know this fantastic little store existed right under my nose. But there it is…

On Christmas Eve, I found myself tasked with tracking down a key part for our traditional Christmas tree train set. After calling numerous other hobby shops, to no avail, I stumbled upon J&M Hobby House right here in San Carlos. They didn’t have just one of what I needed, they had an entire shelf. And that was only the beginning…

Walking into this store is truly like stepping back in time — it’s like a flashback to your childhood. It’s an old-style store with rows and rows of plastic model kits, radio-controlled cars, hobby supplies of all kinds, and….most important, a tremendous inventory of electric trains. This place is the antithesis of the chain toy store; it has absolutely no frills, but it’s packed to the gills with great stuff, and hard to find models and hobby supplies. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about all of their products.

The next time you’re driving on the southern part of Laurel Avenue in San Carlos, spend a few minutes and check this place out. You (and the little kid inside you) will be glad you did!

They are located at 1660 Laurel St in San Carlos, and can be reached a (650) 593-5019. The store is in the back and easy to miss, so look carefully

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  • Great review, Chuck!

    I always was fascinated by the art deco architecture and spent countless childhood hours scouring the shelves, utterly fascinated as my older brother and my father were lost in the minutia of model train construction. Years later, my husband enjoyed J & M’s classic cars and radio controlled aircraft. I must confess to participating in the truly inexplicable “art” of macrame. J & M had supplies for that, too. This place has something for everyone!

    Long live J & M Hobby House…glad to hear it’s still thriving.

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