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San Carlos Schools February 14, 2008

San Carlos School District to Dip into Reserves

by Chuck Gillooley

One of the big reasons that San Carlos is such a desirable place to call home, and consequently why the home prices have stayed so stable is because of the quality of the schools. The API scores of their elementary and middle schools compete favorably with any community on the Peninsula.

At the risk of over-simplifying, I believe there are three basic but key elements that all “great” schools possess:

  1. Excellent teachers and curriculum.
  2. Active parental involvement.
  3. Funding.

Thanks to recent bond measures, and especially to the tireless efforts of the San Carlos Educational Foundation (SCEF), the San Carlos School District has enjoyed the luxury of a very healthy cash reserve for one of those “rainy days.”   Well, thanks to the recent budget proposed by our Governator, there’s a little rain in the forecast…like $740,000 worth of rain.  Here’s a good article from today’s Redwood City Daily News that discusses the budget in more detail, and what it means to San Carlos —>  District Expects Budget Cuts

The good news is that San Carlos can weather this storm in the near term.  However, a chronic budget shortfall will put a major stress on our School District, and will likely crush others who are not as fortunate to have a deep well to draw from.

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