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Eureka! San Carlos finally gets its own Jamba Juice.

by Chuck Gillooley


We’ve made the grade…we are now on the verge of culinary legitimacy. No, I’m not talking about the fact that we’ll soon have a third Starbucks in San Carlos, but it’s not too far off. Soon, we’ll no longer have to trek to our sister cities Belmont or Redwood City to satisfy our urge for an Orange Dream Machine or a Banana Berry smoothie. No longer will we have to mumble under our breaths that we don’t have our own high school NOR our own Jamba Juice. We’ve hit the big time!

All kidding aside, I was surprised to see the Jamba Juice sign (as well as another Starbuck’s sign) pop up on one of the new storefronts that are going in at the new San Carlos MarketPlace — the former home of Breuners at the intersection of Howard Avenue and Industrial Road. Soon, you’ll be able to spend what little change you have left after leaving Best Buy and treat yourself to a smoothie. This development is good news, since many folks I know have been hoping Jamba Juice would pop up somewhere on Laurel Street whenever a vacancy would appear. Well, it’s not on Laurel after all, but at least it’s in San Carlos.

I only hope that the developers have plans to upgrade the parking and the entrance/exit.   It’s tough getting in and out of that place now — it’s going to be a nightmare when the new stores open up unless they make provisions for the increased traffic.

On a final note, while it will be great to get 0ur own Jamba Juice, let’s not forget to keep patronizing Skinny Sippin’ — what makes Laurel Street unique is its blend of independent stores. It would be a shame to lose this one due to the new competition.

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