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What Sold, and What’s New in San Carlos — Week of 6/15/08

by Chuck Gillooley

70…. That’s the number of active listings in San Carlos as of this morning (we were actually as high as 72 earlier in the week.) It makes you think that it’s a raging market for buyers with all of this inventory, right? After all, just a couple of months ago we had less than half of that inventory to choose from.

Not so fast. While high inventory certainly favors the buyers, there are still instances of super-aggressive bidding and multiple offers going on, and homes selling very quickly (see Pearl below.) What’s up with that??? In San Carlos right now, there are two distinctly different markets in play and there’s a very clear dividing line that has emerged between which homes are fetching the multiple offers and quick sales, and those that aren’t. Homes in “move-in” condition AND in desirable neighborhoods are on the exclusive side of that line.

What does this mean for buyers? If you’re willing to live a little further away from downtown than you’d like, or you don’t mind putting some sweat equity into an older home, there are definitely bargains to be had. I keep commenting on how much “red ink” we’re seeing lately in the weekly sales posts on this blog…i.e. homes selling for below original list.

But if you’re looking for a sparkling clean remodel in White Oaks or Howard Park, bring your checkbook and plenty of antacid. You’re going to need both.

Here’s the scoop for this week….

Home Sales

  • 1322 Central Ave: (Pictured at top) Sale Price: $1,575,000. Original List Price: $1,789,000. Difference: $214,000 below original list. This home had a huge 8,000 square foot lot, which is a relative rarity for White Oaks. DOM: 43 Days. MLS# 80789569, listed by Justine Ford of RE/MAX Today.
  • 1 Coleman Ct: Sale Price: $1,698,000. Original List Price: $1,849,000. Difference: $151,000 below original list. DOM: 42 Days. MLS# 80802718, listed by Bob Bredel of RE/MAX Today.
  • 2912 Brittan Ave: Sale Price: $1,250,000. Original List Price: $1,250,000. Difference: $0. DOM: 4 Days (87 Days total under multiple listings) MLS# 80805672, listed by David Young of Coldwell Banker.
  • 304 Elm St: Sale Price: $774,000. Original List Price: $979,000. Difference: $205,000 (21%) below original list. DOM: 76 Days. MLS# 80784304, listed by Anthony Peterson of Prudential California Realty.
  • 2716 San Carlos Ave: Sale Price: $662,000. Original List Price: $724,900. Difference: $62,900 below original list. DOM: 23 Days. MLS# 80804812, listed by Bob Bredel of RE/MAX Today.

New Listings


  • 517 Pearl Ave: (Pictured Above) $1,739,000 — 4BR/3.5BA, 2,650 sq ft on a 7,500 square foot lot. A big house on one of the best side-streets in all of White Oaks. Pearl Avenue is indeed a pearl. MLS# 80815499, listed by Mark Scafine of SC Properties. (Update: This one is already Sale Pending…)
  • 1101 Greenbrier Rd: $1,449,000 — 4BR/3.5BA, 2,973 sq ft on a big 10,060 square foot lot. MLS# 80816394, listed by Edd McKibben of RE/MAX Today.
  • 253 Kelton Ave: $1,289,000 — 4BR/2.5BA, 2,484 sq ft on a 4,400 square foot lot. MLS# 80815953, listed by Valerie Trenter of Coldwell Banker.
  • 3110 Brittan Ave: $1,245,000 — 4BR/2.5BA, 2,460 sq ft on a 11,856 square foot lot. MLS# 80815545, listed by Jami Arami of Cashin Company.
  • 805 Regent Ct: $1,195,000 — 3BR/2.5BA, 2,160 sq ft on an 11,230 square foot lot. MLS# 80816507, listed by Margot Lockwood of Coldwell Banker.
  • 879 Heather Dr: $1,148,000 — 3BR/2BA, 1,730 sq ft on a 8,378 square foot lot. MLS# 80816061, listed by Ines Malardino of Cashin Company.
  • 2936 Eaton Ave: $998,000 — 4BR/3BA, 1,970 sq ft on a 8,900 square foot lot. Although this one is very much in original condition, just by virtue of the large lot size and the fact that it’s surrounded by multi-million dollar homes, it sure seems like it’s a tremendous bargain. MLS# 80815530, listed by Debbie Wilhelm, Coldwell Banker.
  • 2724 Brittan Ave: $899,000 — 3BR/2BA, 1,360 sq ft on a 8,800 square foot lot. MLS# 80816428, listed by Janie Barman of Coldwell Banker.
  • 260 Alberta Ave: $869,000 — 2BR/1BA, 1,200 sq ft on a 4,480 square foot lot. Alberta is another great White Oaks Street. MLS# 80815496, listed by Diana Walsh of Coldwell Banker.
  • 984 McCue Ave: $789,000 — 3BR/2BA, 1,490 sq ft on a 5,150 square foot lot. MLS# 80816969, listed by Debbie Wilhelm of Coldwell Banker.
  • 2131 San Carlos Ave: $785,000 — 3BR/2BA, 1,700 sq ft on a 10,788 square foot lot. MLS# 80816412, listed by John Shroyer of RE/MAX Today.
  • 108 Brook St: $729,000 — 2BR/1BA, 770 sq ft on a 4,100 square foot lot. MLS# 80816519, listed by Janet Davis of Carlmont Associates.
  • 31 Kenton Ave: $675,000 — 2BR/1BA, 1,020 sq ft on a 5,500 square foot lot. MLS# 80816533, listed by Helen Cross of Coldwell Banker.
  • 401 Old County Rd: $559,000 — 3BR/2BA, 1,090 sq ft on a 5,000 square foot lot. Priced to sell! MLS# 80816679, listed by Bob Bredel of RE/MAX Today.


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