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Living in San Carlos July 7, 2008

Why Cyclists Love San Carlos…

by Chuck Gillooley



Need another reason to live in San Carlos?  This city is in the center of some of the best road cycling on the West Coast.   I get some of my best blog ideas during early morning rides in in Woodside and Portola Valley (like, “Why didn’t I buy property here 20 years ago???)  Just hop onto the Alameda, and you’re a quick spin to some of the best and most scenic cycling routes imaginable.

Canada Road:

This backroad stretch runs from Highway 92 all the way to the town of Woodside. Characterized by rolling hills and a wide shoulder, it’s great for both recreation and training. It’s so popular now that the County closes the road every Sunday during the summer for Bicycle Sunday –> Bicycle Sunday.
Canada Road serves as the origination point for many loops throughout the area. One of the most popular and most challenging is the Kings Mountain Road Loop. Kings is 4 miles of climbing that will humble you, but also rewards you with a heart-stopping panoramic view of the Bay Area. Here’s a site that has a great description of this loop –>  Kings Mountain Loop

You can mix and match tons of great rides just off of this single loop, if you absolutely need more pain.    From Skyline Road, you can take a variety of roads to get to the coast — Highway 84, Highway 92….just remember, leave enough gas in the legs to get you back home.

Happy Spinning!

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