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San Carlos Real Estate September 3, 2008

“Christmas Tree Lane” is getting a face-lift.

by Chuck Gillooley

If you’ve been around San Carlos for any period of time, you’re certainly familiar with Eucalyptus Avenue (a.k.a. “Christmas Tree Lane,”) named for the unbelievably spectacular annual Christmas light display that the neighbors put on.   Every Christmas season, the 1900 and 2000 blocks of Eucalyptus transform into an electric “Winter Wonderland” that draws viewers from all over the Peninsula.  To warm up for this event, they also put on one heck of a party on Halloween night, too.  It’s definitely the destination of choice for most trick-or-treaters in San Carlos.

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Well, the 1900 block of this fun street (highlighted in the map above) is going to look much different in a few months as it undergoes a major face-lift.   There are no fewer than three major remodel projects currently underway on this short stretch.   And we’re talking major projects, too — all three will be muli-story.


According to neighbors and another Realtor that I spoke with, two of these remodels will be sold upon completion of construction.  The third will be occupied by the current owner, who is a good friend of our family.

Eucalyptus #2

Gauging by the size of these remodels, the high-end finish, and the fact that Eucalyptus is one of the most identifiable and sought-after streets in San Carlos, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if these homes flirted with the $2M mark when they ultimately hit the market.  And this street can definitely handle it, too.   There are numerous, stately two-story homes on the 1900 block, so these will be in great company.

Eucalyptus #3

So if you have been waiting for an opportunity to move to Eucalyptus Avenue, you may have two coming up towards the end of the year.  We know most of the families that live on both blocks, and they are what make this undeniably one of the best neighborhoods in all of San Carlos.   And in October and December, their great great neighborhood gets a whole lot bigger!

I’ll be keeping close tabs on the progress of these, and when keep you posted as they get close to hitting the market.   But if you’re in the neighborhood, definitely drive by and check out the progress…

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