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Pools, Schools, and a new Poll…

by Chuck Gillooley



Thanks for those of you who voted on the most recent White Oaks Blog poll, where I posed the question, “If you could add one thing to San Carlos, what would it be?”  Here are the final results of the poll, ranked in order of popularity:

  1. High School:  31 votes, or 44% of the total.
  2. Community Pool: 18 votes, or 26%.
  3. Bowling Alley:  6 votes, or 9%.
  4. Bring back S.C.O.O.T. :  6 votes, or 9%.
  5. None of the above:  4 votes, or 6%.
  6. Athletic Field Complex:  3 votes, or 4%.
  7. Ice Rink:  2 votes, or 3%

Clearly, there’s still a strong opinion that San Carlos needs its own high school again, even with the options available at Carlmont and Sequoia.   Also, many of you believe we should have a community pool.   Do you want to know of a town that has the best community pool network?  Davis, California…

Davis has four community pools that all differ in features (lap pool, water slide, high dive, toddler areas,) but all are alike in that they are absolutely first-class facilities.   Obviously, Davis gets much hotter than San Carlos so they have a greater need for a pool.  But if San Carlos ever decides to go that route, they would be well served to see what Davis has done.   Their pools are open to the public for a VERY affordable fee (we have been to all four.)  If you’re traveling back from Tahoe next summer, this is a perfect way to break up the drive:

Davis Community Pools

Your kids will love you for it!

The Next Blog Poll…

Time to launch the next poll — As I discussed in the blog last week, Foodville’s upcoming move (and name-change) to the old Bell Market building leaves a prime vacancy on the north section of Laurel Street.    So, the next blog poll question is…

“What should become of the old Foodville location?”


I got quite a few suggestions from that post, so I’ll use those as the possible answers to the poll question.   So, be sure to vote and make your voice heard!

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