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Living in San Carlos January 23, 2009

Alameda Lane Reduction: The City would like your opinion…

by Chuck Gillooley

 What was two is now one…


If you’ve had the pleasure of driving past Carlmont High School on the Alameda this week, you were likely dumbfounded to find that northbound section right in front of the school has been reduced from two lanes to one.   If you apply the basic laws of physics, this means that the remaining lane will have twice as many cars as it had just last week…which means more even longer traffic jams in an area that’s already tremendously congested during school hours.

The lane was eliminated to accommodate bike lanes in both directions on the Alameda.   To the surprise of nobody, this has not been a popular decision.   Even as a cyclist, I’m not totally convinced this was a good idea.  There seemed to be plenty of room in both directions for cyclists with the old configuration.

Let your thoughts be heard…

Regardless,  whether you like this idea or hate it, the City of San Carlos would actually like to hear from you.  They have set up a special email address for you to “share your thoughts…”   Here’s the address:

You can always voice your opinion on the blog too.  Either way, have at it…

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  • Since when do bicycle riders financially support all of the bike lanes they are asking for? Automobile drivers pay toward road improvements, not hindrances. Eliminating a lane when there was no need is ridiculous. There is no easy way to get to ralston ave from the San Carlos Hills.
    At least before I had a fighting chance to make a right turn at Chula Vista to get to Ralston; now I have to wait for the buses to let kids off as well as students and parent-driver drop-offs.

    Why not have the city/county have a bus drop off area OFF THE STREET? When a bus blocks the lane and drops off students, there is a full 5-10 minute wait for the students to disembark and then slowly shuffle across the street.

    Why is there so much street parking available there? With all the perpetual construction going on at Carlmont (what are they building and who is paying for that?), why can’t they build a parking facility and give us back the lane that we had?

    Even the bicycle community seemed to have no complaints about this stretch of road. The person(s) that came up with this should be forced to sit in that traffic every day. Thanks for increasing our commute time and adding to the idling, gasoline-wasting engines all over San Carlos and Belmont.

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