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Living in San Carlos January 27, 2009

A Sign of the Times?

by Chuck Gillooley


(Thanks to blog reader Shawna K. for sending this picture in.)

Surely you’ve seen or heard about these Foreclosure Bus Tours.  They’re all the rage in Sacramento, Las Vegas, and parts of Arizona.   Something about hopping on a bus to go personally witness someone else’s train wreck is not my idea of a fun time.  But they’re gaining in popularity as the number of foreclosed homes rises.   In fact, in some of these cities they use a full-sized charter bus (or two) for these tours…and they’re packed.

So what’s the relevance of this picture?   From the phone number on the side of the bus, it’s obvious that this picture wasn’t taken anywhere in Sacramento, nor Las Vegas, nor Arizona —  nor was it taken anywhere in the 510 area code, as the number may suggest…

This picture was taken in Burlingame.

Yes, Burlingame…just this past weekend.   I don’t know about you, but that’s just a little bit creepy…


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