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2 Reasons Why You Should Attend Tonight’s San Carlos City Council Meeting…

by Chuck Gillooley


If you have ever considered attending a San Carlos City Council Meeting but were waiting for a compelling reason to go, tonight’s meeting might just be the opportunity you have been waiting for.   In this meeting, which begins at 7:00 PM in the City Council Chambers, there will be two topics discussed that should be on interest to you:

What’s on tap?

Among the normal agenda items that are covered in a Council Meeting, here are the two specific topics that I thought would be of interest.  I copied this excerpt directly from the Agenda:




Consideration of introducing an ordinance authorizing an increase in sewer rates by seven percent for Fiscal Year 2009/10 (Proposition 218 public hearing).




Consideration and selection of development partner for potential development of Wheeler Plaza (Generally bounded by Walnut, Cherry, San Carlos Avenue and Laurel streets).(Continued from February 12, 2009).

Why is this important?

Sewer Rates

The City is looking to raise approximately $500,000 in additional revenue by raising the sewer rates by 7%.   This will likely pass unless there is significant vocal opposition.    Based on the resistance to pass a School Bond Measure in San Carlos, I would imagine any sort of property tax assessment increase should generate the interest of the citizens.

Wheeler Plaza

The Wheeler Plaza Development has unwittingly become the lightning rod for the anti-development sentiment in San Carlos.   It is hands-down the most highly commented topic on this site, and there are other sites that have zeroed in on this development in there efforts to enforce responsible development of the downtown area.    Tonight’s agenda item will be to choose a development partner to for the project.

So if either of these topics is near and dear to you, or if you just want to see the how the political machine works in San Carlos, tonight might be a good night to catch an early dinner in downtown San Carlos and then get involved in the political process.


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