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Living in San Carlos March 27, 2009

The History of San Carlos — On Display…

by Chuck Gillooley


(Photo credit:  The San Carlos Museum)

San Carlos has a rich past…

From the time the Native Americans first inhabited this area, until what we know as modern-day San Carlos, this town has undergone incredible changes.  Events such World War II had a profound and permanent impact on how a big part of San Carlos was ultimately developed.

Lucky for us, much of this rich and colorful history has been captured in pictures or in written form by historians and former residents.  One of the biggest challenges in recreating the history of San Carlos was pulling together all of these photos and written accounts from archives and resident’s private collections (like the photo you see above.)   But thanks to the hard work of some dedicated folks, you can see all of this history in one place:


The Museum of San Carlos History

Located at 533 Laurel Street in San Carlos, right next door to the main fire station, the Museum of San Carlos History is a modest little building that belies the amount of history that is contained within its walls.   There are artifacts of the Lamchin Indians, an extensive photo collection, and even a restored 1927 Seagrave Fire Engine.  If you’re interested in the history of San Carlos and the development of the mid-peninsula area, this is a required stop.

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The San Carlos Museum of History is only open on Saturdays from 1-4 PM, so be sure to make it part of your weekend plans. Check out the Museum on their website –> The Museum of San Carlos History.

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