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San Carlos Real Estate April 15, 2009

Website Spotlight: TechCrunch

by Chuck Gillooley


It’s All About Tech.

I can’t recall how I stumbled onto this site, but TechCrunch is an absolutely amazing resource of news about technology.  But not just any technology — it’s technology that’s relevant to the average technology user, stuff we use everyday.    They’re on top of the latest innovations in Social Networking (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc…) as well as the tools and gadgets we’re hopelessly attached to (Google, iPhone, Mac’s and PC’s, Android, Palm Pre…)   I read this site every day, and I never fail to gather some gem of useful information that helps me with this site.

They’re On It.

The content on TechCrunch is written by a host of staff writers along with a few guest authors.   One thing that strikes me immediately is how plugged-in this group is.   They seem to be extremely well connected with the companies they follow, and often times are one of the first to break big news stories.  For example, they were the first source I found that tipped the world to Cisco’s intent to purchase Pure Digital (the maker of the phenomenally popular Flip Video camera.) The aforementioned article was on their site two full weeks before the purchase was officially announced.  Nice scoop…

Right to the Point.

Aside from the outstanding content, I’m a big fan of the “get to the point” structure of their articles.  I often refer to it as “USA Today” style — few paragraphs, no circular or redundant writing.   That way, you get the pertinent details, and you’re on to the next article.   It makes for a quick read — and that’s good because….

It’s a Fire Hose of Information.

The best way to read this site is through a feed reader (the same way that many of you read this site.)   The only word of caution is that you need to get in the habit of reading it daily, or your reader will get bloated quickly.   This team puts out 20+ articles on a daily basis, and they’re all worth reading — so you’ll want to stay on top of it.

To get TechCrunch, simply click on their logo at the top of this post, or this link right here –>   TechCrunch


(”Spotlight on Cool Websites” is an occasional series that will highlight a particular website that I think you’ll find interesting.  Links to these websites can be found under the “Great San Carlos Websites” link at the top of the site. )

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