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San Carlos Schools January 22, 2010

Breaking News: School District Officially Changes San Carlos Elementary School Boundaries.

by Chuck Gillooley

In a unanimous 5-0 decision, the San Carlos School District voted last night to officially adopt new boundaries for all of the San Carlos Elementary Schools.   The version that was approved last night varies slightly from the initial draft that was proposed a few months ago.  These changes were based on feedback that was given to Dr. Craig Baker and the board during a series of community outreach meetings to better understand the impact of these changes.

Some key differences in the revised boundary plan are:

  1. Some streets in the Devonshire Canyon area will remain in the Arundel zone.  Others will go to Heather.
  2. Additional streets that were previously in White Oaks have been moved to Brittan Acres.
  3. For homes east of El Camino, only those north of Holly Street will be re-directed to Heather.  Those south of Holly will remain in Brittan Acres.

For more information, click on this link to download the new San Carlos School boundaries:   New San Carlos School Boundaries. In this document, you’ll find the following revised district map, as well as table that lists the changes that were implemented to the school boundaries.   Also, check out this post on Seth Rosenblatt’s blog for additional information on the boundary changes, as well as the revised “preference” policy.

San Carlos School District Boundaries

New Superintendent Contract

In other news from last night’s meeting, Dr. Craig Baker’s contract as San Carlos School Superintendent has been extended for 3 more years, starting after this school year.    He certainly has been baptized by fire in his first year as Superintendent, so this contract extension is well deserved.

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