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San Carlos Real Estate February 5, 2010

Does the Super Bowl Have an Impact on San Carlos Real Estate?

by Chuck Gillooley

“The Super Bowl Effect.”

Happy Friday, everyone.  On the eve of Super Bowl weekend, I thought I’d pose this question:  Does the Super Bowl have an effect on the San Carlos real estate market?  As it turns out, many Realtors actually have a pretty strong opinion about this.  Most agents I spoke with swear that Super Bowl weekend marks the real start of the spring buying season, since sales activity makes a big “hockey stick” (to use another sports analogy) upward right after the big weekend.  It’s almost as if the Super Bowl is an honorary milestone that must be passed before the real buying and selling can begin.  Go figure…

The effect seems to be even more noticeable when there’s a local team playing… (but you’d have to go back quite a few years to substantiate this, if you know what I mean…)  But regardless of who is playing, the Super Bowl phenomenon was noticeable enough that many years ago a former colleague of mine began to track the general activity (listings, sales, open house attendance) before and after the Super Bowl, and she absolutely swears by it.  She’s been at this way longer than I, and I respect her opinion, so I therefore submit it as empirical evidence… or something like that.

Are You Ready For Some….Real Estate?

It makes sense, if you think about it.  Football is arguably the most popular televised sport in America, and the playoff games that lead up to the Super Bowl  are played in January and February usually at the same time as open houses.  So people aren’t out en masse looking for homes.  And some sellers don’t get serious about selling until after they can trash their house one more time with a Super Bowl party.

So enjoy the spectacle that is the Super Bowl, replete with its $3M commercials.   And then lets get ready for some real estate starting next week.  Believe me, the economy could use it!

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