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San Carlos Real Estate February 26, 2010

Website Spotlight: Caliber

by Chuck Gillooley

Photography is Art.

Hey, it’s Friday…and this post has absolutely nothing to do with real estate, or San Carlos for that matter.    But it has everything to do with amazing photography, and the stories that are behind the pictures (and the lenses).  Ansel Adams once said that he felt photography was not considered an art form by the “experts” of his era, and it was this slight that drove him to become one of the world’s greatest photographers.   Make no mistake, photography IS art.

A few months back, I read about a website that had just been created that was a essentially a collaboration of the work of four very accomplished Bay Area photographers.   Rather than continue to publish their work independently, the group formed a website called Caliber to showcase their collective works.  Much of their work is based on the scenery in San Francisco — who could blame them?  It’s one of the most photogenic cities on the planet.

But a fair amount of their posts are based on the interesting people of San Francisco, most of which are candid shots like the one on the right.  There’s even an occasional series that’s called the $2 Portrait that is simply compelling.   During his daily travels throughout the City, photographer Troy Holden is often asked for money by a homeless or downtrodden person – in return for giving them $2, they agree to let Troy take their picture, and while Troy is shooting their portrait, he finds out a little bit about that person.  The stories are often times amazing, and incredibly sad at the same time.

See the World Through Their Lens.

If you love photography, or San Francisco (or both), you need to check out Caliber. The photography is breathtaking, and the commentary behind the pictures is equally compelling.   It’s a great reminder of why you chose to live near the City in the first place….

In cased you missed it embedded in the post, here the link again:  Caliber.

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