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Dollar Tree Opens Its Doors in San Carlos.

by Chuck Gillooley

Grand Opening.

Just a few short months after getting the conditional-use permit approved by the City of San Carlos, the Dollar Tree store that stands where Hollywood Video once did opened their doors to the public today.   This store is so new that their corporate website doesn’t even show it yet.  Oops!  But check the store out.  It’s a clean, well-stocked place with lots of useful stuff for .. you guessed it… $1.

There was some mixed feeling posted on this site when it was first announced that Dollar Tree was coming to San Carlos.  But give the place a chance.  I know the one in Belmont is busy all the time, and the City of Good Living can use every dollar of tax revenue it can get right now.   The new Dollar Tree Store is located at 1121 Old County Road in San Carlos in the Home Depot parking lot.

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