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San Carlos Real Estate November 29, 2010

Poll: What Do You Think is the Fastest Selling Neighborhood in San Carlos?

by Chuck Gillooley

One Hot Selling City.

If you live in San Carlos, or are even remotely connected with the real estate market in the City of Good Living, you already know that homes generally sell fairly quickly here, even despite the grip of a brutal recession.    You’ve seen your fair share of homes that are snapped up inside of a week (with multiple offers), and even the homes that take longer to sell are generally sold in just a few months.  There are a few notable exceptions that can skew the averages upward, but those are in the minority.  When you take a look at the average days on the market (DOM) for all of San Carlos in the graph below, that performance is the envy of communities up and down the Peninsula, many of which are grappling with an abundance of short sales and bank-owned inventory that sit on the market for months.

Average Days on the Market.

The graph below shows the average days on market for all homes sold in San Carlos over the past 14 months.

San Carlos: Average Days on Market (DOM) for All Homes Sold

So What’s the Hottest Neighborhood in San Carlos?

Time for you to put your thinking caps on.  Of the six general zones in San Carlos, which do you think is selling the quickest?  Is it Howard Park?  Beverly Terrace?  White Oaks?  Which neighborhood has the lowest average Days on Market (DOM)over this period?    Take your best shot in the poll below.  I’ll post the answer in a separate post after the November data is compiled in a couple of weeks.  Good luck!

Note: For a map of where these six zones are, simply click here: San Carlos Realtor Zones.

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