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Got Breakfast?

by Chuck Gillooley

Check Out “My Breakfast House”

Maybe it’s the just the Midwest in my DNA, but I am a big fan of simple breakfast diners that are low on the frills but high on quality food that’s affordable.  Throw in great service, and it makes going out to breakfast FUN, as it should be.   Downtown San Carlos has become synonymous with the chic restaurants and bars that have popped up on Laurel Street over the past decade, but I feel we have been sorely missing a true family breakfast spot (especially since the demise of Vic’s on San Carlos  Avenue) where you feel equally comfortable in your Saturday sweats or your Monday business suit.

Well, I’m happy to report that such a place does exist in San Carlos:  My Breakfast House, at 1137 Laurel Street.

You Won’t Leave Hungry.

My Breakfast House recently took over the spot that was once occupied by Big Joe’s.  It’s on one of those parts of Laurel where you can drive by it a thousand times and never see it.   But once you check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

The food is awesome, as the reviews in Yelp will attest to.  I had an omelette that was cooked to perfection, and was almost too big to eat ( but I managed, though.)  Many of the reviews rave about their french toast, which I can’t wait to try on my next visit.  The menu is extensive and the service is friendly and attentive, which is important for a breakfast diner.   Breakfast isn’t usually a social meal like dinner — people generally want to get in, eat, and get on with their day.

The decor is about as low frills as you can get, which is absolutely perfect in my book.  They even have a kids room, so the parent’s can actually eat their breakfast at a normal pace.  Like I said, it’s a throwback to the old Midwest diner, and it makes going out to breakfast fun and stress free.   It’s a welcome addition to downtown San Carlos.

So check out My Breakfast House, and support a great little San Carlos restaurant.

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  • I had to say that your review of “My Breakfast House” was on the money and a terrific find. Today, my son and i had no nearby choice to eat for a late breakfast. I remembered your review and walked in skeptically. The french toast was heavenly, the pancakes were airy and delicious, and even the syrup was warm. The bacon was lean,premium and crisp with no burnt edges. The eggs were cooked to perfection. Best of all, the coffee would put the rest of chain coffee bars on Laurel to shame. Glancing around the room, I noticed the place was filled with seniors. Where else in San Carlos can one find such a homey place. They tell me the burgers served here are out of this world; simple, fresh and tasty.

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