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San Carlos Real Estate November 3, 2011

Podcast: San Carlos Real Estate is LOCAL.

by Chuck Gillooley

“You Do Things Differently Here.”

That’s what I was told by an out-of-town agent who was presenting an offer on one of my listings recently.   And you know what?  He’s absolutely right  — not only does every county in Northern California have slightly different rules of engagement for buying and selling real estate, but those differences are often magnified in the micro-markets of small, desirable towns like San Carlos.

In this podcast, we’ll touch on why the San Carlos real estate market is so “local”, and we’ll highlight 3 particular challenges that out-of-town agents often face when trying to compete in this market, especially in those hotly contested, multiple-offer situations.   Those three challenges are:

  1. Rules and Customs.
  2. Knowledge of the Market.
  3. Track Record.

So click on the play button below and check out this edition of the White Oaks Blog Podcast!


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