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Living in San Carlos December 15, 2011

You Know You Live in San Carlos When…

by Chuck Gillooley

A Nostalgic Facebook Page

The title pretty much says it all… If you’ve lived in San Carlos for any number of years, you’ve seen many changes happen in our little town.  Whether you like with those changes or not, you can’t disagree that there were some pretty  interesting places in San Carlos that are no longer part of our landscape.  Remember the Circle Star Theater?    How about Woolworth’s on Laurel Street?  Or the San Carlos Bowl?    And lest we forget San Carlos High School…

Well, for those of you who are nostalgic about the San Carlos of old, or you’ve moved away from the area and miss the City of Good Living, there’s a fun Facebook page titled “You Know You Live in San Carlos When…” that may bring back some old memories.  It’s an open page where people post just about anything that’s unique about San Carlos — past or present.   Reading through it reminds me of so many places that were unique to San Carlos, but I have pretty much completely forgotten about.

Check it out, and post your favorite memory or observation about what makes San Carlos what it is…

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