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Living in San Carlos June 12, 2012

Sheriff’s Department Issues Crime Advisory for Summer.

by Chuck Gillooley

Continued Vigilance.

Yesterday, the San Carlos Bureau of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department issued an advisory to the residents of San Carlos to remain vigilant in safeguarding themselves and their homes against crime in the upcoming summer months.  According to the Bureau, the crime rate in the city is at its highest point during the summer period and they have offered some helpful suggestions to reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of one of these residential crimes.

In case you didn’t receive it,  here’ s the advisory from Bureau Captain Greg Rothaus in its entirety:

Crime in San Carlos during the months of May, June, and July are higher than any other 3 month period during the year. While it may be difficult to know all the reasons for that, it is not too difficult at all to lower your chances of being a crime victim.

Criminals generally look for easy targets, not difficult ones.  The following easy steps WILL reduce your chances of being a crime victim:

1.)  Do not think that crime doesn’t happen in San Carlos; it does.  We are a safe city in a safe county but we DO have crime.

2.)  Do not store valuable items in plain view in your car.  Take them out of the car or lock them in the trunk.  If valuable items are visible, criminals will try and get them.

3.)  Lock your car.  You’d be surprised by the number of people that don’t.  It takes 5 seconds or less to steal something from an unlocked car and it doesn’t make much noise.  That all equals easy target.

4.)  Secure your home by locking doors and windows.  It is common for burglars to go from house-to-house looking for an unlocked one.  A high percentage of burglaries occur due to homes not being secured.

5.)  Call the Police when you have an illegal solicitor come to your door.  While many are just trying to sell something, some are using the role as a salesperson to look for good places to commit crimes.

6.)  Good lighting is proven to be an effective crime deterent.  Park in lighted areas, use your porch light, report street light outages, etc.  Criminals prefer dark places for obvious reasons.

7.)  Make sure your locks at home are difficult to defeat.  Some locks are not too tough to get past.  Consider getting professional advice on this.

8.)  Never hesitate to call the police when you see something that might be suspicious.  Even if it turns out to be nothing, it is worth our time to check it out.  That’s what we’re here for; that’s what you pay us for.

Taking these easy steps will truly go a long way toward reducing your chances of being a crime victim.  Please take these steps and together we can reduce crime in our community.


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