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Living in San Carlos June 21, 2012

Auto Break-Ins Still Plague San Carlos Neighborhoods.

by Chuck Gillooley

The Buzz on NextDoor.

Back in January of this year, NextDoor rolled out its private, neighborhood-based social network throughout San Carlos.  The network allows neighbors in pre-defined areas to log in and communicate privately with other residents in their neighborhood — a neighborhood version of Facebook, if you will.   Here’s the press release that talks more about the roll-out in detail:   NextDoor Goes City-Wide in San Carlos.   If you haven’t signed up for your neighborhood’s specific NextDoor site, you should definitely check it out — just visit the NextDoor website and put in your address to see which group you belong to.

I belong to the Oak Park group of the NextDoor network, and much of the chatter in our neighborhood lately has been geared around an uptick in auto break-ins in the Oak Park and White Oaks neighborhoods.

Unlocked Cars.

Residents are reporting on NextDoor that over the past few weeks their cars have been rummaged through and anything of any kind of value is being lifted — even things like loose change or phone adapters.  But what’s most disconcerting from these reports is how far the thieves will venture onto someones property to gain access to their cars, or worse yet, their residences.   Here are some of the comments from the site:

Last week, someone went into our unlocked car in our driveway as well. They took all of our iPhone peripherals – two headsets, charger, and radio adapter.”

“I have to share a disconcerting event from last Friday: while we were out of the house at work, someone walked up our driveway (steep, inconvenient, out of the way), opened my car door (closed but unlocked), and went through my car, including the glove box. The only missing items appear to be several dollars-worth of quarters from my change drawer (which is always closed). The glove box was left open, as was the emptied change drawer.”

Granted, both of these thefts were  from unlocked cars and may have been prevented simply by locking the doors.  But I also heard unconfirmed reports of residential break-ins on Howard and Orange Avenues in the past few weeks.    So clearly, the neighborhoods are being cased by people looking for a quick buck.

Lock It Up.

The message here is two-fold.  First, lock up your stuff and put all of your valuables out of site.  Don’t make it easy for thieves to clean you out.  That goes for things in your car or around your property.   Second, report anything and everything suspicious to the police.   Don’t hesitate to call them if something doesn’t seem right — that’s what they’re there for.

And program this number into your cell phone:  650-802-4321.   That’s the direct line to the San Carlos Police Dispatch, and they answer quickly.  If you call 911 from your cell phone, you’ll get re-routed and lose valuable time.

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