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Updated Link for San Carlos School Boundaries.

by Chuck Gillooley

Interactive Map.

It’s the number one question that buyers ask when they’re looking at a particular home:  “What school boundary is this home in?”  (It used to be “Why are they selling the house?”)  Over the years, the boundaries of the San Carlos School District have remained relatively stable.  But two years ago, the District had to take the unprecedented step of redrawing a few of the boundaries in an effort to stem the chronic over-enrollment at both White Oaks and Arundel Elementary Schools  Once the boundaries were decided, the new boundaries were outlined on a pdf file that you could download from the district website.

But the District now utilizes a handy interactive map that is created by My School Locator that allows you to simply type the address in, and up pops both the elementary and middle school that the particular address is zoned for.   Here is the link:  San Carlos School Boundaries.   You’ll definitely want to bookmark that one.

Sequoia Union High School District has had an interactive service on their website for quite some time which accomplishes the same function (without the mapping feature.)  But they recently changed the location of it on their website without providing a forwarding address.  Here is the new link for Sequoia’s boundary search:  Sequoia Union High School Boundary Search.

Don’t Assume.

The same caveat is in effect with any and all discussions regarding boundaries – don’t assume that you’re guaranteed to attend the particular elementary school that your new home is zoned for, especially if you’re moving in after the school year has started.  As the demographic of San Carlos continues to shift toward younger families with school-age children, more stress is being placed on the enrollment process and this means that the District has to make tough decisions to ensure that the enrollment is as balanced as possible.

When in doubt, call the District offices at 650-508-7333.

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  • Chuck,

    Super important for potential buyers buying into San Carlos and thanks for making this info readily available.

    Not making generalizations but this is from first hand experience – too many selling agents falsely represent (intentionally or otherwise) that a house is in the White Oaks school district, when they really meant that the house is in the El Sereno Corte “pocket”. Those who have done their homework would clearly know about the recent rezoning in your post, esp around White Oaks rezone to Brittan Acres.

    I think it is completely OK and in fact more appropriate to ask potential buyers to check with the School District itself but again from my personal experience, too much misinformation being passed around, some of which was even coming from regular agents in and around San Carlos.

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