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San Carlos Real Estate February 2, 2015

The BIG Announcement, Part II: Dwell Realtors Opens in San Carlos.

by Chuck Gillooley

A New Kind of Brokerage.

Last week, I announced the first of two significant developments pertaining to the residential real estate landscape in San Carlos, and on the mid-peninsula. That first announcement was the unveiling of my strategic partnership with Bob Bredel, and the cross marketing arrangement between the White Oaks Blog and the San Carlos Blog. Bob and I are thrilled with the universally positive feedback we have received from this announcement, and we look forward to working together to provide an unprecedented level of service to our clients in the coming year.

In that same post, I also alluded to a much more significant development that we would be unveiling in a second announcement. Well, after countless days of waiting, that day has finally come.

On behalf of all of my partners and colleagues, I am thrilled to announce the launch of Dwell Realtors, a ground-breaking real estate brokerage right here in San Carlos!


Real Estate Taken Hyper-Local.

Although the phrase almost sounds a little cliche, real estate is indeed local.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, you are always best served by teaming with a proven, experienced agent who has their finger firmly on the pulse of the local market.  But in today’s ultra-tight and competitive real estate market, just being local isn’t good enough.  Success in today’s market relies on being as close to every nuance in the local market as you can possibly be, and thus executing a strategy based upon the most most up-to-date information available.  In other words, it’s hyper-local.

Dwell Realtors was founded on this very belief — to maximize our client’s success through an unprecedented level of service and visibility to the local real estate market.

How will we do this?

First, Dwell Realtors has completely retooled the structure of the typical real estate brokerage.  We are comprised of a very select team of experienced and proven local agents who work in a collaborative environment to maximize our clients’ interests. We firmly believe that putting this much experience, market knowledge, and business under one roof will simply create more opportunities for our respective buyers and sellers.  This is the very core of the Dwell philosophy.

Second, we believe that technology is of vital importance in today’s real estate market, which is moving at unprecedented speed.  Technology keeps our clients better educated about the market, exposes them to more opportunities in the market, which ultimately helps them make better buying and selling decisions. It’s the very impetus behind the popularity and utility of the White Oaks and San Carlos Blogs

Our Team.

Dwell is comprised of some of the most well-know and respected agents in the local market.  Bob and I are thrilled to now be working with Joyce Romeo, Tatum Clarke, Laura Bertolacci, Tara Jarmillo, Teri Shaughnessy, Kristina Patrick, Sarah Ravella, Cliff Whearley, Alana Corso, and a few more incredible additions that will be announced in the coming weeks.  The underlying philosophy in creating the team stresses the quality of the agents, not the quantity.

But like anything in this world, the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts, otherwise it’s simply not worth doing.  And therein lies the magic of this team. There is a tremendous chemistry that is pervasive in this office, and more important, a refreshing spirit of transparency and collaboration that will only help everyone on the team provide a better level of service for their clients than they could do on their own.

We’re very excited to work with our colleagues in the local real estate market, and to provide a new face on the local scene.  Our new office is right in the heart of the White Oaks neighborhood in San Carlos at 1500 Laurel Street.  Be sure to like our Facebook Page at DwellRealtors, and follow us on twitter @DwellAgents!

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