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Living in San Carlos February 13, 2015

Friday Fun: Girl Scouts Invade San Carlos.

by Chuck Gillooley

It’s That Time of Year.

It’s now about a month or so into the new year, and you’re hopefully still working on at least one of the few New Year’s resolutions left that you didn’t scrap during the first week of January.  One of those is probably exercise, right?  By now, you’ve probably settled into a good workout routine, and are starting to see some positive results.  You’re feeling good, and you’re eating well — avoiding dietary temptations at every turn.  Your will power is impenetrable.

And then it happens…

The doorbell rings innocently enough.  You open the door, and suddenly you’re face to face with your diet killer — all of 4 feet tall, in a brown vest, and packing heat in a red wagon. Heat, as in the form of Samoa’s, Thin Mints, and lord knows what other kinds of dietary sins they can dream up with peanut butter and chocolate.

It’s Game Over for your diet.


You may think for a split second of all of the normal excuses you’d give to a telemarketer for not purchasing, but not here. Before you know it, you’re filling in the order sheet, clearing out freezer space, and shaking down that poor little girl for her last box of cookies.

And it’s all good.  Load up.

The Girl Scouts have been selling cookies in our neighborhood ever since we moved to San Carlos 25+ years ago.  And we have never missed the opportunity to support this great organization, while inheriting a few good calories along the way.

This weekend downtown you’ll probably see a few stands set up along Laurel Street where the Girl Scouts will be selling their wares. Support them, even if you don’t eat cookies. Take a few boxes to work, where you’ll be the most popular person in your office, while at the same time amazed at how fast they disappear.

Just like the four seasons, we can always count on that time of year when the Girl Scouts invade San Carlos. Let’s hope that never changes.

Have a marvelous weekend!

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