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A Reminder About Leaving Valuables in Your Car.

by Chuck Gillooley


One of the characteristics that people find endearing about San Carlos is its relatively low crime levels, and its trustworthy community feel. I know a number of residents that rarely ever lock their house or their cars, regardless of whether they are home or not. But that very trust that makes us so comfortable here can also lead to a complacency that burglars will absolutely seize.

A recent case in point was the latest smash-and-grab car burglaries that took place in the parking lot of the San Carlos Marketplace (Best Buy, Ross, etc..).  Lucky for these people, the perps were caught across the bay and most of the stolen items were recovered. Thieves love this parking lot because of its close proximity to the freeway for a getaway route, and the fact that people will leave their valuables in plain sight in the car — purses, phones, laptops — while they jump out and get lunch or coffee.  Even if the car is locked, the thieves simply just punch the windows in, grab your stuff, and they’re gone in seconds.  This has been a ongoing problem with this parking lot, and others that straddle 101.

There have also been some vehicle break-ins closer to home.  Most recently, a string of cars along Carmelita Drive were broken into in the wee hours of the morning, and valuables were taken. And it seems that only a few weeks go by and you hear of another street getting hit.

The bottom line is that you need to be extra diligent about not leaving anything of value in your car if you can at all avoid it.  If you have things in your car that a thief can turn over for money, store them out of site in the trunk.  Better yet, just take them with you.

It’s a bummer to have to write this kind of article, but just because we love and trust the community we live in, it doesn’t guarantee that everyone else that passes through our city does too.

Have a safe weekend…

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