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Living in San Carlos May 19, 2015

San Carlos “Do Not Knock” Registry is Now Online

by Chuck Gillooley

An End to Unwanted Solicitations.

“Knock, Knock!!”

“Who’s There?”

“Ordinance 1484”

“Ordinance 1484 who?”


Two months ago I wrote this post about an effort that was underway by the City Council of San Carlos to reduce the amount of unwanted marketing literature that was being delivered every day to San Carlos residences, and to allow residents and business owners to opt out of unwanted door-to-door solicitations.   Regarding the latter issue, the San Carlos City Council enacted Ordinance 1484 on March 13 of this year, which essentially replaced the existing ordinance in the City’s municipal code with newer and more stringent regulations regarding door-to-door solicitations.

One of the key features of Ordinance 1484 is the creation of a “Do Not Knock Registry” on the City of San Carlos website, which allows residents and business owners to publicly declare that they do not allow solicitations at their address.

The problem is that it took a few weeks after the Ordinance was passed to get the registry up and running on the site, and I think most residents simply forgot about the new regulations, since so few residents have enrolled to date. But thanks to a tip from blog reader Scott, I am pleased to inform you that the Do Not Knock Registry is indeed alive and accessible on the city website, which you can access by clicking here.

So if you wish to make your home a Knock-Free Zone, log into the site today and register your address.  As of today, there are only 3 addresses registered.

Hopefully this post will help change that…

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  • How about a “do not smash my back sliding glass window and burglarize our house” ordinance? check nextdoor, it’s becoming a trend in our city of good living.

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