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Living in San Carlos September 4, 2015

Leave a Book, Take a Book.

by Chuck Gillooley

Free Neighborhood Libraries.

Last week in the Friday slot on the blog, we took a little step back in time and talked about the San Mateo County Library System, all of the cool things that are available to check out there, and how they too are getting on board with technology to make it easier for residents to take advantage of everything they have to offer.

This week, we are going to stay in the library vein, but we are really going back to the very basics of book sharing.

I noticed on my evening walks that there are a number of very awesome “mini libraries” that are sprouting up in the front yards of some San Carlos homes. These are beautiful not only because of their brightly painted drop boxes, but also because of the sheer simplicity of the concept: You simply grab a book to read, or leave one behind that you think someone else would enjoy reading. And it’s all on the honor system.   How simple is that?!!

Here is one such neighborhood library that is located at corner of Eaton Avenue and Robin Way:

Photo Sep 04, 10 35 19 AM

…. and here is another one in front of the residence at 868 Cordilleras Avenue:

Photo Sep 04, 10 04 22 AM

This is a such a fantastic idea! Not only can you grab a great book for free, but you might also meet a neighbor or two that you didn’t know before.

If you’re interested in doing something similar, you can get some great tips and ideas from the Little Free Library website, or just ask your neighbors who are gracious enough to dedicate part of their front yards to share a little kindness and a good story.

Are there any other homes in San Carlos that are participating that I might have missed?  Feel free to leave those addresses in the comments below.  Happy reading, and have a safe Labor Day weekend!

Photo Sep 04, 10 04 30 AM (1)

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