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Howard Park

As you’re meandering through White Oaks looking for your next home, you might not realize that as you cross over Brittan Avenue you’ve quietly slipped into another great San Carlos neighborhood: Howard Park. Getting the two mixed-up is quite understandable, since they’re adjacent to each other, and together the two neighborhoods make up what we refer to as the “flats” in San Carlos. They also share many of the characteristics that make both neighborhoods so desirable — Gorgeous streets, great schools, and proximity to downtown San Carlos. Here’s a map of the area that constitutes Howard Park:

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Howard Park is home to much of what we identify San Carlos with: San Carlos City Hall, Burton Park, and of course the “hot” northern stretch of Laurel Street. Brittan Acres School and Central Middle School also reside within the Howard Park boundaries.

Real Estate

From a real estate perspective, Howard Park is equally as hot as White Oaks — picturesque streets like Carmelita, Alma, Tamarack, Knoll, Rosewood and Elm are very desirable to homeowners; consequently, when homes do hit the market on one of these streets, they are often fiercely contested among potential buyers. For a complete list of homes for sale in Howard Park, click on this link: Homes for Sale in Howard Park

So if you have White Oaks on your short list for your next home, be sure to check out her equally pretty sister in Howard Park. Or, maybe you already have and didn’t know it!

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