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San Carlos Schools May 15, 2009

San Carlos School District Superintendent Announces Retirement.

by Chuck Gillooley

Hanging ’em up…

Yesterday, I was surprised to see the following email in my inbox:


I imagine that this announcement took many people by surprise — it sure was for me.   Hopefully the statement “It was not my plan to retire this soon..” isn’t as unsettling as it looks on paper.

All the best…

Form our few conversations with him, Mr. Mitrovich seems like a genuinely nice person (he’s a hockey dad, which is cool.)  He always made an extra effort to be visible at as many school events that I can remember, and that’s a tall order to fill with 7 schools to look after.   He was at the helm of the San Carlos School District as it navigated some tough waters, some of which still lie ahead.

For more background on Mr. Mitrovich, click on this article from the Daily Journal:  School Superintendent Retiring.

So, Mr. Mitrovich — on behalf of the citizens of San Carlos, thanks for your tireless dedication to the education of our children, and have a wonderful retirement!


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