San Carlos

The City of San Carlos is comprised of six different neighborhoods, all of which have their unique characteristics and benefits.  Depending on what you’re looking for in a home, you’re likely to find it in one of these San Carlos neighborhoods.

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El Sereno Corte (aka White Oaks)


This neighborhood is one of three San Carlos neighborhoods that comprise the “flats” of San Carlos. Real estate in White Oaks covers the lower west side of the City. This neighborhood is home to White Oaks Elementary school, long one of the most sought-after elementary schools in all of San Carlos.

This neighborhood also borders the lower end of the Laurel Street dining and shopping district and is close to downtown San Carlos and all of the commute routes. This neighborhood is characterized by mostly flat parcels and medium-sized lots. Residents of White Oaks love the community feel and the quick access to downtown.

Howard Park

Two people on a blanket in the park.

The “sister neighborhood” to El Sereno Corte, Howard Park covers the upper west side of the flats of San Carlos, even though parts of Howard Park can be a little hilly.  This neighborhood is home to the bustling north stretch of Laurel Street, where most of the chic dining and shopping destinations reside, and the City Hall of San Carlos.  Burton Park, one of the largest neighborhoods in San Carlos, is the centerpiece of this great neighborhood. Residents of Howard Park love being close to the great restaurants, park access, and the proximity to the San Carlos Caltrain Station for their commute needs.

Alder Manor


Moving due west from El Sereno Corte across the Alameda, you enter the Alder Manor neighborhood. This part of town tends to confuse many new buyers because within this neighborhood there are still Redwood City addresses, and most of the homes are zoned in the Redwood City School District, not San Carlos.  But that doesn’t matter to many happy residents here. They enjoy significantly larger parcels and homes that you’ll normally find closer to downtown. Aldor Manor is also home to Eaton Park, offering a challenging hike that rewards residents with stunning views of the Bay.  Residents here love the extra space and not having to compete with other buyers who are determined to live within the San Carlos school boundaries.

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Beverly Terrace


Directly adjacent to Alder Manor is the Beverly Terrace neighborhood. The topology in this neighborhood is noticeably more hilly than most of the other parts of San Carlos, which means that great views of the San Franciso Bay or the western hills are available for those who value views over perhaps a large flat yard. You’re back in the San Carlos School District in this portion of town, and part of Beverly Terrace falls within the Carlmont High School boundary. Highland Park, the other major recreational park in San Carlos, is Beverly Terrace. Homeowners in this neighborhood love the great views, large lots, and proximity to Highway 280 for their commute routes.

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This hilly neighborhood in the northern portion of San Carlos shares a border with the City of Belmont and is also home to some of the oldest and most historic homes in all of San Carlos. Some founding fathers of the City resided in the section of Cordes closest to downtown. Speaking of downtown, one of the best-kept secrets about this neighborhood is that it’s closer to some of the most popular San Carlos restaurants than any other neighborhood. If views are your thing, this is the first neighborhood you want to check out. Residents in Cordes love those views, being close to downtown, and also residing within the Carlmont High School boundary.

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Clearfield Park (aka Greater Eastside)

Hiller Aviation Museum exterior sign.

Clearfield Park enjoys the title of being the most affordable neighborhood in San Carlos. However, home prices are appreciating rapidly in this area that is well known for its burgeoning Life Sciences industry. Much like the Cordes neighborhood, residents of this tight-knit neighborhood love the proximity to Laurel Street’s restaurant row and the Caltrain Station for commuting. Don’t let the presence of office buildings and warehouses discourage you. There are some picturesque streets, and Clearfield Park also has its own neighborhood park. Residents often start their San Carlos home ownership here and then never leave!

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