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San Carlos, Redwood City and the San Francisco Peninsula

In today's hyper-competitive real estate market, it's critical to have a knowledgeable and experienced Realtor by your side. You need someone laser-focused on the local market, upcoming listings, and recently sold homes. Understanding the micro-economic nuances of each neighborhood and the broader economic picture for cities such as San Carlos and Redwood City is vitally important.


I have the expertise you need to navigate this ultra-competitive market successfully. A sizeable contributor to many recently sold properties, I’ve helped over 200 families in San Carlos, Redwood City, and the surrounding communities on the Peninsula find their dream homes.

Whether you're buying or selling, I have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you achieve your goals. As a top 5 agent for San Carlos transactions year after year, I am proud to have the trust of my friends and clients. In this highly competitive real estate market, every advantage matters. Working with me gives you the advantage of a dedicated and experienced real estate professional who knows the market inside and out. Don't leave your next move to chance. Let me help you with all your real estate needs.

San Carlos Transactions

Below is the list of San Carlos residences that I have sold, and which side of the transaction I represented. Click on the addresses for more details and photos:

AddressSales PriceRepresented
804 Bauer DriveComing SoonSeller
2125 Howard AvenuePending SaleSeller
113 Alberta Avenue$2,470,000Seller
889 Cordilleras Avenue$2,450,000Seller
1552 Chestnut Street$2,200,000Seller
1833 Brittan Avenue$1,510,000Seller
2527 Graceland Avenue$2,350,000Seller
1040 Orange Avenue$3,328,000Seller
135 Mesa Verde Way$3,150,000Buyer
1005 Orange Avenue$3,363,000Seller
213 Kelton Avenue$1,900,000Seller
873 Bauer Drive$2,550,000Seller
2200 Carmelita Drive$2,500,000Seller
893 Cordilleras Avenue$3,100,000Seller
1333 Cedar Street$2,416,000Seller
2415 Eaton Avenue$3,328,000Buyer
538 Canyon Vista Way$5,595,000Buyer
1564 Morse Boulevard$4,550,000Seller
111 Brook Street$3,115,000Seller
238 Ruby Avenue$2,620,000Seller
268 Park Avenue$3,370,000Seller
1301 Greenwood Avenue$2,235,297Seller
1453 Walnut Street$2,200,000Seller
3388 Brittan Avenue #9$1,235,000Seller
60 Hartford Avenue$2,985,000Buyer (off market)
2384 Brittan Avenue$1,991,000Seller
2763 San Carlos Avenue$1,850,000Seller
905 Rosewood Avenue$3,600,000Seller
59 Club Drive$2,310,192Seller
23 Tasker Lane$3,352,000Seller
2233 Brittan Avenue$2,300,000Seller
3388 Brittan Avenue #6$930,000Seller
1350 Woodland Avenue$2,125,000Seller
55 Pine Avenue$2,220,000Seller
734 Chestnut Street #5$1,075,000Seller
120 Brook Street$2,215,000Seller
1747 Greenwood Avenue$4,000,000Buyer
1457 Walnut Street$1,560,000Seller
929 Rosewood Avenue$3,550,000Seller
256 Garnet Avenue$2,300,000Seller
42 Williams Lane$2,355,000Seller
1620 Howard Avenue$1,850,000Seller and Buyer (off market)
700 Knoll Drive$3,625,000Buyer
1920 Belmont Avenue$1,920,000Seller
1708 Greenwood Avenue$2,400,000Buyer
108 Brook Street$1,300,000Seller
5 Trillium Lane$1,415,000Seller
10 Kenton Avenue$2,750,000Buyer
1325 Woodland Avenue$2,075,000Seller
270 Oakview Drive$3,000,000Buyer
1001 Laurel Street #304$825,000Seller
1722 Arroyo Avenue$1,590,000Buyer
264 Devonshire Boulevard$1,950,000Buyer
141 Palm Avenue$2,317,000Seller
1645 Elm Street$2,215,000Seller
746 Orange Avenue$2,058,000Seller
15 Hartford Avenue$1,747,000Seller
837 Elm Street$1,685,000Buyer
2620 Debbie Place$1,888,000Seller
926 Laurel Street$1,425,000Seller
2325 Brittan Avenue$1,456,000Buyer
1348 Cedar Street$1,930,000Buyer
2 Azalea Lane$1,285,000Seller
1723 Alameda de las Pulgas$1,190,000Seller
113 Mirabel Place$1,825,000Buyer
1345 Howard Avenue$1,600,000Buyer
29 Hillcrest Road$1,825,000Seller (off market)
136 Devonshire Boulevard$1,400,000Seller (off market)
268 Park Avenue$2,350,000Buyer (off market)
2211 Howard Avenue$1,800,000Seller
2504 Melendy Drive$2,355,000Seller
1637 Cedar Street$2,275,000Buyer
3347 Brittan Avenue #5$868,000Buyer
238 Loma Road$2,050,000Buyer
1620 Howard Avenue$1,680,000Buyer
39 Bayport Court$1,480,000Buyer
1985 Saint Francis Way$1,850,000Seller
1393 Cedar Street$1,965,000Seller
2904 Brittan Avenue$1,600,000Seller
202 Timothy Drive$2,250,000Seller
1325 Woodland Avenue$1,575,000Buyer
7 Krista Lane$1,655,000Buyer
1028 Rosewood Avenue$2,400,000Seller
1627 Saint Francis Way$1,700,000Seller
1700 Greenwood Avenue$1,575,000Seller
3140 Melendy Drive$1,705,000Seller
760 Crestview Drive$2,250,000Buyer
58 Hillcrest Road$2,349,000Seller
1501 San Carlos Avenue$1,900,000Buyer
155 Highland Avenue$1,600,000Buyer
2349 Eaton Avenue$1,100,000Buyer
248 Edgehill Drive$1,130,000Buyer
1345 Oakhurst Avenue$1,355,000Buyer
278 Vine Street$1,100,000Seller
344 Oakview Drive$1,295,000Buyer
941 Elm Street$1,065,000Buyer (off market)
1088 Hewitt Drive$1,225,000Buyer
935 Alameda
882 Hemlock Street$960,000Buyer
11 El Sereno$2,250,000Seller and Buyer (off market)
444 Hillcrest Road$1,150,000Buyer
2063 Arroyo Avenue$950,000Buyer
175 Lyndhurst Avenue$1,267,000Buyer
145 Wildwood Avenue$680,000Buyer
1837 Howard Avenue$1,485,000Buyer
940 Tamarack Avenue$760,000Buyer
1832 Chestnut Street$1,019,000Seller
300 Clifton Avenue$1,015,000Buyer
1912 Howard Avenue$988,000Seller
2211 Howard Avenue$960,000Buyer
81 Cedar Street$695,000Seller
141 Palm Avenue$1,025,000Buyer
124 Colton Avenue$1,226,000Buyer
789 Cedar Street$810,000Buyer
1010 Sunset Drive$977,000Seller
133 Highland Avenue$800,000Seller
1359 Geneva Avenue$859,000Buyer
320 Chestnut Street$820,000Buyer
2024 Birch Avenue$740,000Buyer
1412 Howard Avenue$850,000Seller
929 Rosewood Avenue$1,450,000Buyer
893 Cordilleras Avenue$959,700Buyer
225 Kelton Avenue$1,010,000Buyer
465 Dartmouth Avenue$920,000Buyer
3153 La Mesa Drive$1,305,000Buyer
1680 White Oak Way$1,151,000Seller
3335 La Mesa Drive #11$485,000Seller
1041 McCue Avenue$806,000Buyer

Bay Area Transactions

But my expertise is not just limited to San Carlos. I have been a resident of the Peninsula since 1965, so I am equally proficient helping you buy or sell a home anywhere in Bay Area. In addition to the San Carlos homes listed above, I have also completed the following transactions in the surrounding communities:

AddressSales PriceRepresented
3509 Pasadena Drive, SM$1,820,000Seller
1136 Ebener Street, RWC$1,220,000Buyer
530 Santa Clara Avenue$4,300,0000Buyer
644 W Garland Terrace$1,360,000Seller
1 Heritage Court$2,505,000Seller
644 W Garland Terrace$1,360,000Seller
42 Erin Lane$1,175,000Seller
613 Arlington Road$3,410,000Buyer
844 Poplar Avenue, Sunnyvale$2,400,000Buyer
112 Stanley Street, RWC$1,925,000Seller
7 Wilmington Acres Court$3,00,000Buyer
12 13th Avenue, San Mateo$1,925,000Buyer
1505 Notre Dame Avenue$2,300,000Seller
1524 Cypress Avenue$1,600,000Seller
965 Lakeview Way$3,575,000Buyer
1810 Fulton Street, Palo Alto$4,075,000Seller
1344 Camino Ramon, San Jose$1,580,000Buyer
912 Bay Road, East Palo Alto$1,031,000Seller
354 Meridian Drive, Redwood Shores$1,375,000Seller
635 California Street, Mountain View$2,350,000Seller
650 E. McKinley Avenue, Sunnyvale$1,575,000Seller
2602 McGarvey Avenue, Redwood City$2,100,000Seller
436 Summit Drive, Emerald Hills$3,475,000Seller
3589 Arbutus Avenue, Palo Alto$2,925,000Seller
1031 Vera Avenue$1,341,000Seller
991 Cambridge Avenue$1,640,000Seller
633 Edna Way, San Mateo$1,305,000Buyer
367 Bryan Drive, Alamo$1,565,000Buyer
225 E. Santa Inez #7, San Mateo$853,000Seller
584 Lincoln Avenue$4,280,000Buyer
25 Carrera Court, Redwood City$1,735,000Buyer
30 Eaton Villa Place, Redwood City$2,430,000Seller
25 Colton Court, Emerald Hills$3,000,000Buyer
1901 Arbor Avenue, Belmont$1,025,000Buyer
50 Horgan Avenue #54, Redwood City$804,800Seller
4062 Farm Hill Blvd #7, Redwood City$670,000Seller
1755 Terrace Drive, Belmont$1,200,000Buyer
2602 McGarvey Avenue, Redwood City$1,500,000Buyer
1166 N. Abbott Drive, Milpitas$382,000Seller
1524 Cypress Avenue, San Mateo$717,500Buyer
1971 Evergreen Drive, San Bruno$650,000Seller
431 Vera Avenue, Redwood City$590,000Buyer
1176 Virginia Avenue, Redwood City$895,000Buyer
1636 Yale Drive, Mountain View$1,475,000Buyer
974 Pleasant Hill Road, Redwood City$1,300,000Seller
919 Wilmington Way, Emerald Hills$1,700,000Seller
91 Pelican Lane, Redwood Shores$426,000Buyer
94 Shepard Way, Redwood City$1,225,000Buyer
1505 Notre Dame Avenue, Belmont$1,070,000Buyer
680 South Road, Belmont$960,000Buyer
1112 North Road, Belmont$1,260,000Buyer
165 O'Keefe Street #9, Menlo Park$297,500Buyer
1031 Vera Avenue, Redwood City$605,000Buyer
840 Ruth Avenue, Belmont$532,000Buyer
412 Magellan Avenue, Half Moon Bay$975,000Buyer
931 Pleasant Hill Road, Redwood City$1,149,000Buyer
407 O'Keefe Street, Menlo Park$1,000,000Buyer
2003 Lyon Avenue, Belmont$840,000Buyer
220 Saint Francis Street, Redwood City$799,750Seller
1654 Kentucky Street, Redwood City$730,000Seller
209 Stanley Road, Burlingame$960,000Buyer
918 Lurline Drive, Foster City$888,000Buyer
932 Pleasant Hill Road, Redwood City$1,298,125Buyer
2108 Cipriani Blvd, Belmont$775,000Buyer
514 Sonora Drive, San Mateo$1,355,000Buyer
3333 Kenneth Drive, Palo Alto$1,295,000Buyer
1500 El Verano Way, Belmont$1,325,000Seller
2323 Coronet Blvd, Belmont$1,025,000Buyer
550 Saint Francis Street, Redwood City$870,000Buyer
1243 Lerida Way, Pacifica$793,521Buyer
1971 Evergreen Drive, San Bruno$658,000Buyer

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