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San Carlos Real Estate June 10, 2009

New Feature: Search Surrounding Communities

by Chuck Gillooley


Need to look around?

Haven’t found the exact home you’re looking for in San Carlos?  That’s certainly understandable, considering that right now there are only 49 homes for sale in the entire city.  Or, perhaps just want to compare San Carlos prices to those in nearby communities?   No problem – it’s very easy to do this from the site.   Introducing the newest module to the White Oaks Blog…

Search In Surrounding Communities.

I have added a new module in the left sidebar titled “Search in Surrounding Communities.”    Like every other home search that you can do from this blog, there are two key features that most other sites don’t offer:

  • Single-Click Search.  When you click on the “Homes for Sale in San Mateo” link for example, you will immediately see a map that shows every home that’s for sale in San Mateo…on the first click.  The search parameters are already pre-defined, so you don’t have to spend 10 minutes filling in a bunch of annoying data fields just to start your search. Just click once and you’re there.
  • No Registration Required.     You don’t need to register to use the search (unless you want to take advantage of the email alert system, or you want to customize and save a favorite search.)  It’s free, and you can search for homes in complete privacy.

See pending sales, too…

Since I added the pending sales link for San Carlos, it has quickly become one of the most visited links on the site.  So I’m happy to be able to provide you with the same information for other cities as well.

Here are the community links that you’ll find in the “Search Surrounding Communities” module.   Go ahead, check ’em out..


Redwood City:

San Mateo:

Menlo Park:


Have any additional communities on the Peninsula that you’d like to see?  Just send me an email, or post a comment below and I’ll include it on the site!


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