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The White Oaks Blog was launched over 15 years ago to provide local residents with timely, in-depth updates on the San Carlos real estate market, as well as interesting news about what’s happening in their community. Since its inception, the blog has become the go-to site for San Carlos residents, home sellers, and potential buyers for everything San Carlos.


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Black Mountain Project on Hold as Developer Bellies Up.

Veev Closes Its Doors. The oft-discussed and controversial plan to convert the old Black Mountain Water property at 808 Alameda de Las Pulgas into 87 luxury condominiums took another strange turn today when the developer of the property announced today that they are shutting down operations due to their lack…

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When the blog started, the only way someone could find out the sales price of a home was to wait three to four weeks until the sale was published in the local newspaper, or call their local Realtor to find out. Realizing this obvious shortcoming in data availability, Chuck Gillooley created the “San Carlos Real Estate Week in Review,” a post that runs every Monday on the site. This weekly article is a concise update on what happened in the San Carlos real estate market the prior week – which homes sold, the homes put into contract, and any new listings that hit the market. His hunch was correct because that weekly post garners the most views of any article on the site.

Leveraging his background in technology, he uses a lot of data when he write the posts on this site because San Carlos home buyers and sellers are a savvy bunch, and data is a key component of their decision-making criteria. But the key difference in the White Oaks Blog is that he takes the time to analyze the data and explain in simple terms what it means to you, and how it may impact you as an owner, buyer, or seller in San Carlos.

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Beyond its comprehensive coverage of the San Carlos real estate market, the White Oaks Blog offers a diverse range of engaging articles that focus on the City of Good Living's many attractions. Readers can discover new and exciting aspects of their community, including local schools, small businesses, downtown dining, parks, and more.

For those looking to learn more about San Carlos’ schools, the White Oaks Blog offers insightful articles about the educational system that will benefit current and prospective residents. In these articles, readers can explore the various public and private schools in the city, as well as discover the many different programs and opportunities available to students.

Small businesses are a vital part of any community, and San Carlos is no exception. On the White Oaks Blog, readers can explore the city’s diverse local businesses, from charming mom-and-pop shops to innovative startups. Through these articles, readers can gain insight into the unique qualities and offerings of each establishment and learn about the dedicated entrepreneurs who drive these businesses.

San Carlos is renowned for its exceptional dining scene, and the White Oaks Blog does not disappoint in its coverage of this aspect of the city. From fine dining establishments to casual eateries, the blog highlights the best dining options available, giving readers a taste of the City of Good Living.

The city's many parks and outdoor spaces are also featured on the blog, with articles that provide detailed information on the city's most popular parks, as well as recommendations for the best walking, hiking, and biking trails in the area.

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Chuck Gillooley

Having lived in San Carlos for nearly 30 years, I know what a special place it is, and why people are so interested in learning more about the City of Good Living. I hope you enjoy reading this site as much as I enjoy writing the content! If you ever have any questions or suggestions on topics you’d like to see covered, please contact me! I love hearing from blog readers, buyers, and sellers alike.

Thank you for your continued support in making the White Oaks Blog the most extensive and popular real estate site dedicated to everything San Carlos!