Eaton Park — The Hidden Gem of San Carlos

December 18, 2007

There's a very cool place to hike right in our back yard that I'm sure many San Carlos residents aren't even aware of. If you follow Eaton Avenue westward (toward the hills) you'll eventually come to the end of the road….and this is the entry point to Eaton Park.

This is a great little place to hike. It's short and steep, but the views you get at the top are unbelievable! If you choose the path that takes you up to Loma Road, you will be treated to an incredible panoramic view of the Bay Area — literally, you can stand in one spot and see the downtowns of San Francisco, Oakland , and San Jose. And the view of the bay is just as breathtaking.

Check it out — below are two links that describe the park in greater detail…

Bay Area Hiker's Review — Eaton Park

Eaton Park

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