Are We Full Yet? The Grand Jury Thinks So…

December 20, 2007


The Grand Jury yesterday ordered the Sequoia Union High School District to clearly define capacities at their four high schools in an effort to control the enrollment imbalance problem that is threatening to alter the “open” enrollment policy. This primarily affects Carlmont High School, and those who are planning to send their kids there starting next fall. Considering enrollment versus capacity, Carlmont is considered to be over their capacity by at least 200 students. Click here for the complete article, courtesy of the Redwood City Daily News:

Sequoia to Clarify Enrollment Policy

For those of you concerned about getting into Carlmont, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at Sequoia High School. Things have changed dramatically at this school, and if you'd rather have a student-to-teacher ratio much less than the 35 or 40:1 that you'll get that Carlmont, this is the place to be. See my previous post regarding Sequoia:

Sequoia High School — the Best Kept Secret

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