The San Carlos Transit Village?

January 10, 2008

Did you know that the City of San Carlos is seriously considering the construction of “The San Carlos Transit Village” that will essentially surround the existing historic Caltrain Depot? If you didn't know about it, don't worry — neither did I until yesterday. I must live in a cave or something. The picture above is actually the engineer's rendition of what the San Carlos Transit Village will look like when it's done. You can clearly see the old Depot if you looks closely.

According to the city website, this proposed development will incorporate 281 residential units and over 34,000 square feet of retail space on the 8.7 acres that adjoin the train tracks. This is no small project!

Because this will significantly change the look of El Camino and the existing train station, the City is hosting an Open House to present the project and answer any questions you might have. Here's the details of the Open House:

  • Wednesday, January 23 — 7:00-9:00PM, San Carlos Library. Go to the second floor conference rooms A & B.

For more info on the project and the Open House, click here —> San Carlos Transit Village

I need to get out more often….

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