The Pickin’s are Slim in White Oaks

January 20, 2008


Looking for a home to buy in White Oaks? Good luck — you'll have a long way to drive between “For Sale” signs, because there's not much on the market right now; and what is on the market isn't really new. Consider this: There are a total of 7 active listings in White Oaks right now. Yep, seven. Once you strip out the laggards and the second rounders (listings that were taken off and then put back on to reset the DOM clock) there is really only one new home for sale right now. Unbelievable. Here's what it looks like:

…So this means that Stanford Lane is the only truly new listing in all of White Oaks.

There's never really a bad month to sell a home in San Carlos and especially White Oaks. Homes sell quickly here. As you have probably read from my other posts, I am constantly preaching that January is one of the best months to sell your home, and now you have a great example of why that is. This is an extreme example of having the market to yourself.

But you have to wonder if the other six listings will wake up and take advantage of this golden opportunity of having virtually no competition. If they don't, they'll certainly lose all visibility if/when the perennial spring flood of listings hits.

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