A Teacher’s Strike in San Carlos? It could happen…

June 5, 2008


UPDATE: On June 5th, the San Carlos School District and the San Carlos Teachers Association issued this joint statement:

“The San Carlos School District and the San Carlos Teachers Association met on June 5, 2008 with the assistance of a State Mediator.

The parties have made significant progress towards an agreement and are optimistic that a settlement is near.”


Today and on June 10, representatives of both the San Carlos school teachers and the San Carlos School District will meet with mediators from the State of California in an attempt to resolve the impasse that has occurred in negotiations for a new labor contract. The stance of both sides is outlined very well in this article from the San Mateo Daily News –> Heading Toward Mediation

Additionally, this email in support of the teacher's position is circulating among concerned parents:

– The San Carlos Teachers would like you to be aware that teachers have been working without a settlement on salary or health and welfare benefits since the beginning of the current school year, and that we are currently at impasse in the negotiations process.

– The District has already received a 4.5% cost of living increase in revenues from the State for the current school year, while teachers have received no cost of living increase to cover the rise in living expenses and health care costs.

– The District has almost 12% ($3 MILLION) in their Reserve Fund, which is 4 times the amount required by the State.

– The Governor's new budget proposal for 2008-2009 includes no significant cuts to education. A COLA of 0% is much better than the -2.5% that was originally expected.

– In order to attract and maintain quality teachers, the District needs to keep teachers' salaries competitive with neighboring districts, who offer as much as $25,000 more.

– We are asking you to support San Carlos teachers by contacting Board Members and urging them to provide teachers with a fair and equitable salary increase for 2007-2008.

San Carlos Board Members e-mail and voice mail numbers

Beth Hunkapiller – bhunkapi@sancarlos.k12.ca.us 650-569-3523
Mark Olbert – molbert@sancarlos.k12.ca.us 650-569-3460
Thomas Quiggle – tquiggle@sancarlos.k12.ca.us 650-569-3423
Carrie Du Bois – cdubois@sancarlos.k12.ca.us 650-766-9069
Seth Rosenblatt – srosenblatt@sancarlos.k12.ca.us 408-431-2613

As mentioned in the San Mateo Daily News article, Dan Liner, President of the San Carlos Teachers Association states that a strike is possible this fall if this impasse is not resolved.

I have stated numerous times in this blog that one of the most desirable aspects of San Carlos is the quality of its schools — it's what creates demand for homes here, and keeps the home prices stable while other areas are declining. My wife and I are long-time residents of San Carlos with three children who are enrolled in the San Carlos public school system, and we couldn't be happier with the teachers they have and the education they are receiving. We support the teachers of San Carlos and hope that they achieve their goals in this negotiation, and that a strike will be averted.

What's your opinion on this? Feel free to comment below.

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