Skinny Sippin’ Pitches in to Renovate Burton Park

July 4, 2008


You've probably seen all of the construction underway at Burton Park where the combined playgrounds used to be.  There are plans for a very cool playground which will feature all new play structures and a water play area — probably much like the very popular Stafford Park in Redwood City….only better.    Click here for more details on the project —>   Burton Park Renovation

The City of San Carlos is picking up much of the tab for the renovation, but not all of it.  The renovation has relied heavily on volunteer work, and donations from citizens and businesses to meet their funding goal.   Harmony Yogurt recently held a fundraiser and contributed a portion of their take to the cause.

This weekend and next, another prominent San Carlos business will step to the plate to help out.   Skinny Sippin, the original smoothie shop in San Carlos, will kick in 15% of their proceeds this weekend and next to the Burton Park Renovation plan.    This is a very cool thing for them to do — there are other MUCH bigger businesses who haven't kicked in a dime, so BRAVO to Skinny Sippin' for giving back to the community.

So, if you're sticking around for the 4th, stop by Skinny Sippin' and treat yourself.  You'll be donating to a great cause, and helping out a great little smoothie shop!


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