The Biggest, Smallest, Highest, and Lowest of 2008 in San Carlos…

January 5, 2009

In a previous post, we took a look at how many homes sold, what they sold for, and how long it took to sell them in San Carlos in 2008. Now, we'll take a fun look at WHAT sold in San Carlos this past year. More specifically, we look at the homes at were at the extreme ends of price, size and days on market. I posted the mid-year awards back in June of  2008, and I just posted similar data for the Emerald Hills Area…so without further delay, here are the winners of 2008.  Be sure to click on the addresses for more details and photos.

(Quick disclaimer:  This information is provided for your entertainment only, and is pulled directly from the MLS — so it's only as good or accurate as how it is represented there.  Any mistakes, inaccuracies, etc.. are strictly unintentional and the author assumes no responsibility for this data…

Most Expensive Home Sold in San Carlos in 2008:

There are two winners in this category:  One is for highest sales price, and the other is for the highest price/square foot.

3 Lewis Ranch Rd:  (Above) Sold for $2,675,000.


298 Loma Road,  Sold at $988/square foot.


Least Expensive Home Sold in San Carlos in 2008:

The same parameters apply to this category as well, so there are two winners….

1028 Northwood Dr Sold for $530,000.


227 Windsor Dr.   Sold for $327/square foot.


Greatest Amount Above Original List Price:

1744 Arroyo Ave wins on both accounts, selling for $1,251,000 which is $212,000 or 20% over the original list price.


Greatest Amount Below Original List Price:

742 Crestivew Dr sold for $2,450,000 which was $750,000 below the original list price of $3,200,000.


1027 Springfield St sold for $565,000 which was 28% below the original list price of $780,000.


Largest Home Sold in San Carlos in 2008:

3 Lewis Ranch Rd:    at 4,400 square feet.


Smallest Home Sold in San Carlos in 2008:

108 Brook St at 770 square feet.


Shortest Time on the Market:

254 Alberta Ave 2245 Eaton Ave162 Rockridge Rd1501 San Carlos Ave125 Belvedere Ave,   152 Sunnydale Ave, and 928 Walnut St….

All tied at zero (0) days on the market!


Longest Time on the Market:

35 Winding Way, and 385 Devonshire Blvd both tied at 324 continuous days on the market (CDOM.)


Finally, The Complete List of Homes Sold in 2008:

If you aren't bored to tears by now, here's the complete list of homes that sold in San Carlos in 2008:

San Carlos 2008 Home Sales



I hope you enjoyed the 2008 Awards!   It will be very interesting to see what this list will look like in 2009.  And on  that note, I'd like to wish you a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!!!

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  1. Edmonton Real Estate Agent on January 6, 2009 at 6:09 am

    These are some pretty amazing looking homes, interesting post.

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  2. Jim Minkey on January 8, 2009 at 12:53 am

    This is great stuff Chuck!! I may steal this idea myself!!

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