San Carlos Celebrates “Week of the Family”

January 13, 2009

San Carlos is well-know as a family-friendly town.  With its superb school system, great parks, and thriving downtown, San Carlos has become one of the top choices for home buyers who are looking to start a family.   Consequently, it's one of the reasons our home prices stay relatively stable here when the rest of the real estate market is in a free-fall.

Every year, the City of San Carlos honors and promotes the San Carlos family through its “Week of the Family” program.  This year will be the 10th annual celebration, and will run from January 22 – January 31, 2008  ( I know, that's longer than a week but hey…let's have some fun!)

Here's the schedule of events for the Week of the Family:

San Carlos Week of the Family 2009

Enjoy the festivities!

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