The San Carlos General Plan: Envision 2030

March 4, 2009


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One thing that has become very apparent to me since I started this site is that the future of the San Carlos is very important to many of you.   Indeed, the articles in the San Carlos Development Projects and San Carlos Schools categories draw more comments than any other topic on the entire site.   And this is a good thing, because decisions are being made right now that will affect what San Carlos will look like in a couple of decades.

Envision 2030:  Updating the San Carlos General Plan

Back in 2006, the San Carlos City Council set the wheels in motion to update the city's existing General Plan, which was nearly 25 years old.   Clearly, times have changed and the needs and future of San Carlos needed some new direction.  That's where the Envision 2030 campaign comes in.  Kudos to Community Services Director Al Savay and everyone else involved for all the work they have put into this important project.

So what's your role in this?

Get Involved

An important part of the process in developing a General Plan is to get input from the citizens.   A number of citizen meetings have already been held, and more will follow.  The City also publishes a newsletter with updates on the General Plan.   No matter how you choose to keep track of what's happening, the message here is simple:  Get Involved!  The City is genuinely interested in your feedback — and besides, if you don't get involved you can't complain later about the decisions that are ultimately made!


To get to the website for The San Carlos General Plan, click on this link or the banner at the top of the page.   For the latest update, here's a copy of the most recent General Plan newsletter:

San Carlos General Plan Newsletter

If you're at all concerned about the future of San Carlos, now is the time to get involved!


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