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March 4, 2009

This website is a handy index to the various non-profit organizations and special interest clubs within San Carlos.   There are links to all of the churches within San Carlos, The Kiwanis Club of San Carlos, The San Carlos Chamber of Commerce,  and the Friends of the San Carlos Library…just to name a few.

Since the buttons to all of the sites are on the front page, they're all just a single click away (and you know how much I like that.)  It's super easy to navigate, and definitely worth bookmarking as a handy reference.   Check it out — just click on the banner above, and you're there.

So who is the author and creator of this site?  It is none other than our own City Council Member and Vice-Mayor Randy Royce.   Nice work, Randy!

(”Spotlight on Cool Websites” is an occasional series in which I’ll highlight a particular website that I think you’ll find interesting.  Links to these websites can be found under the “Great San Carlos Websites” link at the top of the site.  Got a great website that you’d like to share?  Send me an email with the details…)


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