New Site Feature: “For First-Time Home Buyers” in San Carlos

March 24, 2009


first-time home buyers

Are you a first-time home buyer in San Carlos?

If so, I'm pleased to unveil a new section on the site that's just for you.  “For First-Time Home Buyers”  is a new category where I will (hopefully) de-mystify the most common questions and issues you may face if you're new to the home buying process.   (You can also find the link to this category in the upper right-hand corner of the site in the box titled “What you'll find on this site.”)

Got a question?

Many of the topics that will be covered in this section will come from questions that you have asked me.   Because if YOU have a question about something, chances are really good that somebody has that same question too.   This will be a forum to share the information so that everyone will benefit.  So email me your questions or issues, or simply post them in the comment window, and we'll strive to make this a great resource for those who are new to the San Carlos real estate market.

Even if you're not a first-time buyer, or if you're a not even a buyer at all, there will likely be subjects discussed in this section that will be of interest to you, since the world of real estate is always changing.  So be sure to check it out!


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