Measure B victory means no pink slips for San Carlos teachers.

May 9, 2009

No Layoffs.

The San Carlos School Board unanimously voted on Thursday to rescind all pink slips that were distributed to employees as part of the recent budget cuts undertaken by the District.    With the passage of Measure B, the District now has the funds to retain the approximately 20 positions that were on the chopping block had the measure not passed.

For more details, click on this article from the San Jose Mercury News:   San Carlos to Rescind All Pink Slips.

Tradition of Excellence Continues

Along with certificated employees, a number of programs were slated to be eliminated, including the K-4 music program.   The passage of Measure B allows the San Carlos School District to re-instate these programs, and to continue to provide the top-quality education that our schools are known for.   Congratulations to the residents of San Carlos for stepping up to the plate and making this happen!


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  1. Seth Rosenblatt on May 9, 2009 at 2:37 pm


    Thanks for posting this, but I do need to correct one piece of information that was wrong in the Mercury News artcle you reference (and then something you repeat).

    The rescission of pink slips was only for “certificated” employees, which means classroom teachers and other employees who have a valid teaching certificate. These were the only pink slips that were handed out in March, as is required by law. Other areas, such as music, PE, librarians, etc, were not affected by the action Thursday night. No pink slips were ever given to those positions because there was no such reuirement to do so by March, but that didn’t mean they weren’t potential cuts.

    Although there is an extremely greater chance that these programs will be saved by the passage of Measure B, the action on Thursday did not in fact do that. There are still cuts to be made, and the District will likely finalize those cuts within the next couple of weeks.

    But I of course agree with your premise that the passage of Measure B gets us much closer to continuing to provide the top-quality education that San Carlos is known for. Thanks to the community for passing it!


  2. Robert on May 20, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    I totally disagree with this parcel tax.

    We defeated Measure S in November and just because some people did not like the outcome they brought the same thing back just 6 months later and now they got what they wanted. This is not democracy – it is a dictatorship of tax and spend liberals!

  3. Michael on May 20, 2009 at 11:57 pm


    I hope you voted (either way, yes or no), but your anger should be directed at the nearly 9000 people that did not vote at all.

    According to the Mercury News, over 52% of registered voters did not even fill out their ballots…almost 9000 registered ELIGIBLE voters did not voice their opinions. No matter how passionate these 9000 people were about their positions, we are now sentenced to this unfair tax because the pro voters picked up a pen, walked to their mailboxes and voted.

    So due to the seemingly vast majority who voted yes, in reality amounted to less than a third of the registered voters…we are once again victims of voter apathy. I wish I could lay my share of the parcel tax at these apathetic voters’ doorsteps and make them pay it.

    I too am not in favor of this parcel tax, especially when seniors, once again, get a free ride in exchange for their vote.

    We can’t dwell on the unfair passing of measure B; we can however try to reach voters so that we can actually hear from the representative majority on important issues and have those votes form our policies.

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