White Oaks residents form Neighborhood Watch.

May 28, 2009



Update:  Daily Journal Article 6/1

The Daily Journal wrote a nice piece on the upcoming meeting — click here for the article:  Neighborhood forms first watch group.

Concerned Residents Form Watch Group

Prompted by the recent tire slashing incident and concerned with the uptick in other neighborhood crime, residents of the White Oaks neighborhood have formed a Neighborhood Watch group.  The San Carlos Police Department recently held a public town hall meeting in which they discussed some of the steps required to form a Neighborhood Watch group, and they assigned a neighborhood liason within the department to assist anyone interested in getting their group started.   The White Oaks neighborhood is ready to launch…

First Meeting:  Tuesday June 2.

The White Oaks Neighborhood Watch group is the first that I'm aware of to be formed under this new alliance with the San Carlos Police.   Their inaugural meeting will be held this coming Tuesday, June 2 from 7:00 – 8:30 at the White Oaks School multi-use room.  For more information on the meeting, download the attached flyer by clicking here:   White Oaks Neighborhood Watch Meeting.

If you're a resident of White Oaks, or a San Carlos resident thinking about starting your own Neighborhood Watch program, I'd highly recommend that you attend this meeting.   The White Oaks group is very well organized, and has some innovative ideas on how to make their neighborhood safer.

You can email the group at [email protected]


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