White Oaks Neighborhood Watch Launches Website…

June 11, 2009



White Oaks Neighborhood Watch

Recently, a group of concerned San Carlos families took the initiative to start a Neighborhood Watch group in the White Oaks neighborhood.  The kick-off meeting was just this past week, and the turn-out was far greater than expected.    This group was very influential in getting the San Carlos Police Department to endorse a Neighborhood Watch program, and to my knowledge they're the first neighborhood to organize under the new partnership.

New Website.

The White Oaks Neighborhood Watch is a very well organized group.   They recently launched their new website, which will be one of their main vehicles communicate with their members, the other being an email group list.    The website is actually a blog format, which allows members and citizens to post comments and to keep others informed….(and you know how much I like blogs!)

Check out their new site, and get involved with the White Oaks Neighborhood Watch.   Click here for their site –>  White Oaks Neighborhood Watch.


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