White Oaks Blog named one of “The Best Real Estate Blogs in San Francisco” by Relocation.com.

June 25, 2009

Surprise Recognition.

I got a nice little surprise this morning while going through my emails —   The White Oaks Blog was just named one of the Best Real Estate Blogs in the San Francisco Area by Relocation.com, a leading publication that connects consumers who are moving with professionals who can best service their needs.    The editors of Relocation.com evaluated blogs throughout the Bay Area on such criteria as market data, explanatory articles about real estate, and local flavor and chose 7 blogs to share this honor.

Here's the write-up on their site, as well as a press release from IT News Online:

Relocation.com:  The Best Real Estate Blogs in San Francisco

IT News Online Press Release

In great company…

This was really a surprise and quite an honor because there are so many good real estate blogs that cover the bay area right now.   The White Oaks Blog is humbled to share this honor with 6 other outstanding RE Blogs:

  • The Front Steps :  Covering San Francisco real estate, created by Alexander Clark
  • The Marin Real Estate Guide, by Ginger Wilcox.
  • Absolutely Foster City Blog, (one of my favorite blogs) created by my colleague Jim Minkey.
  • Living Well in San Mateo, from Raymond Stoklosa
  • The San Mateo Real Estate Blog, by Vicki Moore
  • The Marin Real Estate Blog, by Mark Lomas

Thank YOU.

Thanks to Relocation.com for the recognition and the nice write-up.  But a bigger thanks goes to all the readers of the White Oaks Blog.   Your continued readership, helpful suggestions, and overall encouragement were the real reasons behind this recognition.    The site is what it is because of you.


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