Shiki Bistro takes over the Siskin’s Pharmacy Site.

July 30, 2009


Who is going to take over Siskins?

More food for Laurel Street

It was over a year ago that I posed the question on this site:  Who will take over the Siskin's Pharmacy site?  It's a great location in the mid-section of Laurel, right across from Bianchini's and Starbucks.    There were quite a few good suggestions that were offered, but now the suspense is over. The new addition to Laurel Street is….


I have no idea when the new place will open, but it sounded like work was in progress when I walked by. There are a number of other Shiki restaurants in the area — you can check them out at Shiki's website.

What do you think?

Has anyone been to a Shiki-owned restaurant before?   Any thoughts on another restaurant coming to Laurel Street?   Make your thoughts known by leaving a comment!

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  1. jj on July 31, 2009 at 4:43 am

    Just what SC needs – another Japanese place. If you took away all the Japanese, Italian and Greek/Turkish places on Laurel, there would be almost nowhere else to eat. The more restuarants open, the more thing stay the same. BOOORING!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t someone show just a very little imagination??? How about Vietnamese or
    a French bistro or even a brewpub.

  2. SCPete on August 12, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    I love Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, good Indian and Chinese, and most of all authentic Japanese. Alas, there are more than a half dozen places that have hung out a sign saying JPN rest, purporting to be one. Only one is, Ganko on Cherry behind Blockbuster. The rest are run by folks who didn’t grow up with the food, never bothered to learn it, and saw higher margins than the food they know. Chinese, Koreans, etc. I laugh every time I pass Arroyo and Laurel. They had an awning with romanized script and Japanese characters which were 2 different words. Heck, people vote w/ their dollars. Home Depot, Azuma/Ozuma, Kaigan, Aiya ad nauseum. The public gets what they want.

    Don’t know that Shiki is a chain, might be from up on the Pen.

    Hear the new place close to the park on Laurel is good. Possibly a little rich for my blood.

    Really like craft beer.

    Years in JPN and all I got was a SO and a taste for the food. Darn it! I just look at the liquor license or the the DBA for a name, for a lazy shorthand way-of-thinking.

    I don’t call it the Bell Market bldg. It’s Pepper Tree 🙂 Anyone remember Purity market in a Quonset hut? Three movie houses and a pee-wee golf course. Lenkurt, Varian, Eimac, White Front, Dankins, Peggy Lee’s candy store?

    Heather, T.L., SCHS
    Central Ave 10 years
    back in town again
    now in “Greater East San Carlos”
    teh, hee

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